Picture Day Information

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Legacy Pro Sports, official photography partner of Bismarck Youth Baseball, will be at the fields on the below dates to take team photos.


AA/AAA/Majors/Travel – Wed. May 25Th & Thur. May 26Th


Pictures will take place at Chuppe Field – each team will be responsible for making their way to Chuppe Field at their assigned picture time – which is during their assigned practice time:


Day 1 | May 25

5:30 pm 12 YO Americans

5:40 pm White Sox (AA)

5:50 pm Pirates (AA)

6:00 pm Mariners (AAA)

6:10 pm Angels (AAA)

6:20 pm Pirates  (AAA)

6:30 pm 9 YO Americans/Tigers (AAA)

6:40 pm Astros (Majors)

6:50 pm Mets (Majors)

7:20 pm 10 YO Americans

7:30 pm Phillies (AA)

7:40 pm Yankees (AA)

7:50 pm Rockies (AAA)

8:00 pm Yankees (AAA)

8:10 pm Reds (Majors)

8:20 pm Athletics (Majors)


Day 2 | May 26

5:30 pm 11 YO Americans

5:40 pm Diamondbacks (AA)

5:50 pm Cubs (AA)

6:00 pm Mets (AAA)

6:10 pm Diamondbacks (AAA)

6:20 pm Twins (AAA)

6:30 pm Cardinals (AAA)

6:40 pm Royals (Majors)

6:50 pm Rangers (Majors)

7:00 pm Cardinals (Majors)

7:10 pm Marlins (Majors)

7:30 pm Rangers (AA)

7:40 pm Dodgers (AA)

7:50 pm Red Sox (Majors)

8:00 pm Yankees (Majors)

8:10 pm Giants (Majors)

8:20 pm Pirates (Majors)

                                                           8:30 pm Marlins (AAA)

                                                            8:40 pm Cubs (AAA)



Please make sure players wear their uniforms for practice on the above dates.

Attached form can be handed in with payment at pictures or families can visit Legacy Photography website:

Shop | Legacy Photography

Click Shop - Sports Tab

Enter Password: SPORTS20


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