Game Night Pitching Machine Return Schedule

UpdatedTuesday July 14, 2020 byBYB.

This inormation has been emailed to all Rookie Coaches, but is being posted here so all Rookie families are aware of the situation, in the event they are asked to take the machines up to the stand.


One of the results of the fewer number of teams in the Rookie division this year is that we don't have 3 games scheduled for both 5:30 and 7:30 pm each night of the week. Most nights, there are only 2 late games. And, there are some nights where we have no late games.

Due to that, we have created a formal schedule for returning the electric pitching machines and supplies for the rest of the season. The schedule is linked below. Everything should be returned to the umpire room (middle door on East side of concessions building).

Please follow the attached schedule, and ensure that you return the machines as assigned. If you are the team that returns the last machine of the night, please lock the umpire room door. It is fine if it is locked earlier than 9, as we are not using score board controllers at any of the fields, so there is nothing else needed from there.

Thank you for your help!

2020 Game Night Pitching Machine Return Schedule