Parent Umps Needed for AA, AAA, and Majors Divisions

Updated Sunday May 6, 2018 by BYB.


As we get ready to start yet another exciting season of Bismarck Youth Baseball we wanted to take a moment to discuss the importance of parent umpires in the AA, AAA, and Majors divisions. This league functions as well as it does because of the selfless actions of the parents, family, and friends who volunteer with the idea of making this an experience for our area youth. One of the most important duties, and one we often struggle with, is finding umpires for the older divisions. League rules require that each team has an umpire at each game and if not, that team must forfeit. The home team is to ump behind the plate the away team is to ump the bases.  
Training is provided at the beginning of the year and then, during the season, League officials are available at any time if questions arise. Each team is provided rule books and sheets to help as well. The League also provides an umpire gear bag for each team (shirts, masks, chest protectors, brushes, counters).
Regardless of your baseball acumen or experience, we strongly encourage you to step up and offer to help your team by volunteering as an umpire. We don't like to see it where a team has only one or two volunteers because that doesn't allow them the ability to just watch and enjoy the game.  
Some are concerned about dealing with unruly spectators or afraid of making a bad call - to that we just want to say two things:
  1. This is youth baseball and everyone, including coaches, parents, and other spectators should keep that in perspective.
  2. Should you have unruly spectators, report them to the League and we will deal with them directly. There are specific guidelines as to sportsmanship issues in each set of Division Rules - and all families have consented to abide by those rules when registering their players.
Please take this time to consider helping out as a volunteer umpire. The decision to umpire is a testament to your character. Your willingness to work outside of your comfort zone sets a solid example for the our League's youth, whose development as players and people depends on their ability to expand their comfort zones. You will be helping to provide our players a great experience within BYB!
If you are interested, and have not done so already, please reach out to your Team Coach and/or Coordinator to express your interest. Each team will need to have at least one volunteer attend the Umpire Training on Saturday, May 12th, at the East Shed of the Scheels Complex. Specific Rules will be reviewed, and the team umpire gear bags will be handed out. Session Start Times are below:
  • 9 am - AA Division
  • 10:30 am - AAA/Majors Divisions joint training
Feel free to call me with any questions or comments, 
Jay Fettig - BYB Director of Umpires