Updated Friday February 8, 2019 by BYB.

2019 New Player Registration Info

GENERAL (NEW PLAYER) REGISTRATION: Registration for the 2019 season will open for New Players on Friday, February 8th at 4 pm CST. Registrations are processed (and players placed) by date/time stamp of online registration. As divisions get close to being full, division capacity updates will be posted at the top of the home page of this web site (near the registration link). 

  • AGE/RESIDENCE REQUIREMENTS: Only residents of Bismarck and outlying areas (North, South, and East of the river) ages 6 through 12 as of April 30th, 2019 can be registered. The player must be at least 6 and cannot be older than 12 - NO EXCEPTIONS. Players residing in Mandan may only participate in BYB if they originally started Cal Ripken play in Bismarck and have not lapsed a season of play in the BYB program.
    • There are two alternative options for children who are too young for BYB. The YMCA may be offering an evening t-ball league for players ages 3, 4,and 5; as well as player who turn 6 after April 30th.  Bismarck Parks & Recreation also offers a day-time t-ball league.
    • For players that are too old for BYB, Bismarck Parks & Recreation has a Babe Ruth baseball program.
    • Both organizations will post information on their programs later in the spring - please contact them directly for current details.    
  • BIRTH CERTIFICATES: First time players will need to submit a birth certificate. This can be done online - within the registration system. If you do not have a scanned copy of your child's birth certificate to upload, you can email it to the league later, with a copy of your confirmation email; or you can mail it to the league office along with a copy of the first part of your registration confirmation (just the first page that has order number, player name/division/etc.). Mail to: BYB - PO Box 176 - Bismarck, ND 58502
  • FEES: The cost of registration for the 2019 season is $90 for T-Ball, and $115 for all other divisions. Families registering more than two players in the League will pay $75 (T-Ball) or $100 (all other divisions) for third players and beyond. 
  • HARDSHIP SCHOLARISHIPS: Hardship scholarships are available but that involves two steps on your part: 1) Complete the online registration (through the point of adding the player registration to your shopping cart, but without entering credit card information; and 2) Mail a letter explaining the circumstances for your request to the League mailing address (PO Box 176, Bismarck, ND, 58502). NOTE: The same returning or new player deadlines apply as for all other registrations, All scholarship applications will be reviewed by the Board’s executive committee and will be kept confidential. We will contact you directly with the committee's decision if a scholarship request is not accepted. If the scholardship request is accepted, the League will finalize your online registration through the system, and override the balace due in your shopping cart.
  • TEAM PLACEMENTS: Returning Players and Siblings of Returning Players that register by the Feb 1st deadline are placed on teams before New Players.Returning Players/Siblings that do not register by February 1st, 2019 will be considered NEW PLAYERS and will be placed on teams after all Returning Players have been assigned teams - NO EXCEPTIONS. Registration for New Players does not guarantee placement on a team. New Players are placed on teams (after Returning Players/Siblings) in order of registration receipt, until all teams have been filled. New Players that are not placed on a team due to lack of available spots as determined by BYB will receive a full refund.
    • For T-Ball, Rookie & AA Divisions, team placements are generally made based on the school that players attend during this current school year. Parents: Please be sure to confirm that your player's school designation is correct in your account..
    • AAA and Majors team placements are made based on skills evaluation scores.
  • REFUNDS: Refunds will be given out in accordance with BYB policy. The deadline dates for all refund requests are published on the BYB league web site calendar. Refund requests should be emailed to the League "Info" email by the dates posted.
  • SKILLS EVALUATIONS: In addition to registration, skills evaluations are also required for all 11 and 12 year old players. Skills evaluation dates and times are published on the BYB league web site calendar. Players who do not participate in a skills evaluation will be placed in the AAA division.
  • GAME DAYS/TIMES: T-Ball Games will be played on Sunday evenings. There will be one or two rounds of games, depending on the final number of teams. Games for all other divisions will typically be played Monday - Thursday at either 5:30 or 7:30 pm. Detailed schedules will be posted once teams have been determined. See the BYB League web site calendar for season opening and ending dates.
  • PARENT VOLUNTEERS: Each player family is required to sign-up for at least one type of volunteer role within the program. The different roles available are: Board members, coaches, coordinators, umpires (AA, AAA and Majors), ground maintenance crews, tournament committee, equipment distribution/return, and uniforms/pictures weekend. Parents will be asked to select areas of interest during player registration. The League will then make direct contact and provide detailed information for all volunteer assignments throughout the year, as applicable..
  • Bismarck Youth Baseball is an independent league and is not administered by the Bismarck Parks and Recreation Department.