UpdatedTuesday March 16, 2021 byBYB.

Travel Ball

The goal of the Traveling Baseball program is to provide an opportunity for those 9-12 year-old players who would like additional coaching and mentoring on the fundamentals of baseball and a chance to experience competitive, tournament baseball.  This will be in addition to, not separate from, league play.

9 YO and 10 YO players are primarily chosen based on their Traveling Baseball Tryout scores. 11 YO and 12 YO players also have their Majors Skills Evaluations factored in. Additionally, all four age groups have a tryout session that affords the prior season Travel Coaches an oppotunity to assess and provide input to the Travel Committee. The judges used for the main tryout session are a select group of experienced, impartial baseball individuals, who are not associated with Bismarck Youth Baseball. Combined they have over 100 years of baseball experience in coaching and or playing at various levels. Players are chosen on their individual mechanics, fundamentals, skill levels and overall baseball knowledge at a number of different stations.

Teams typically begin practicing in early May with tournaments or scrimmages on weekends beginning in early June. Practice continues throughout June and July in addition to regular season games and practice. Attendance of league team practices and games is required to participate in the Traveling Baseball program.

Be aware before trying out that you must commit to attending 85% of the Traveling Team practices as well as tournaments if you make a team. There will be additional expenses for Travel Team uniforms, equipment, travel and tournament fees. BYB will contribute a set amount per team to help offset  the cost of tournament entry fees but this will likely not cover all of the tournament fees, nor will it cover any of the other traveling expenses. 

Traveling Teams typically compete in 3 to 4 tournaments around the state (including the state tournament). A great deal of planning, organizational, baseball, and interpersonal skills are required to make this a positive experience for the children and their families. If you cannot make this commitment, you should not tryout for Traveling Baseball.

In an effort to provide an opportunity for more players ages 9-12 to experience competitive tournament baseball, BYB may sponsor up to two teams per age group, depending upon the number of tryout participants and the results of the tryout process. If there are enough players to field two teams within the 10-, 11, or 12-year old age groups, the players with the top 12 tryout results will be placed on the “Americans” roster and the next 12 players will be placed on the “Nationals” roster. If there are enough players to field two teams within the 9-year old age group, the players will be evenly split between the “Americans” and “Nationals” rosters, based on their scores. On an infrequent basis, a team’s roster may be expanded to 13 players if tryout results are simply too close to differentiate