UpdatedMonday January 15, 2018 byBYB.

Majors Division

The Majors Division is made up of players who score in the top 96 of all players who attend the current season's skills evaluation. Players are distributed evenly to teams according to scores. The Majors Division uses parent umpires, just like in the AAA, AA, and Rookie Divisions. This level provides the most competitive level of regular season baseball. Game scores are kept, standings are kept and the tournament seeding is based on standings. Field positions are narrowed for each player, batting order and field time will be determined to optimize competition.

Coaches are still encouraged to rotate players among 2 or 3 field positions to continue player education. The strike zone is narrowed further. Attendance is required for at least 85% of all games and practices for the benefit of the team and to ensure that all players progress together.

Coaches will schedule practices at the beginning of the season before games start to get the ball rolling and to educate the players on fundamentals of baseball. Coaches will most likely continue practice throughout the season. Player attendance and attitude will affect play time and field positions.