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AAA Division

The AAA Division is for players who are 9- or 10-years old on April 30th of the current season – as further outlined below:

  • The AAA Division will consist of all 10-year-old players, 9-year-old players that choose to try out and are selected to participate, and the 9-year-old travel team(s). The 9-year-old travel team(s) will have the same roster for both league and travel, and they will have a different standard of player rules than the other league teams.

Note: The 9-year-old travel teams(s) are still able to play travel games during the week if they do not conflict with league play.

The 10-year-old travel team(s) will not participate in league play.

All players not on a 9-year-old travel team will be distributed evenly to teams according to their skills evaluation score.

The division further reiterates player development, by continuing to teach baseball fundamentals and skills. More competitive games occur with new divisional rules. Game scores are kept; however, standings are not kept. A randomly seeded end of season tournament will be played.

The goal is to have paid umpires for AAA games. However, depending on the number of umpires available each night, AAA games will also have to have parent umpires available. Umpires will be allocated to the Majors division first, and then AAA games will be filled.

Players rotate among positions. Coaches are encouraged to rotate players equally. All players participate in the batting order equally. The strike zone is more limited.

For the entire season, teams will have a mix of practices and games that will be scheduled by the League. This will allow for continued development, while minimizing extra time demands on families. Players will be expected to participate in the scheduled practices, and attendance and attitude may affect play time and field positions. Attendance is required for at least 85% of all games and practices for the benefit of the team and to ensure that all players progress together.