Updated Monday January 15, 2018 by BYB.

T-Ball Division

T-Ball is for girls and boys who are 6 years-old on April 30th of the current season. T-Ball is an instructional program, not a competitive game. Score is not kept during the game and there are no standings or tournaments for this division. Every player has equal opportunity to play every position on the field. Players rotate positions during the game. Every player bats at every inning. A tee is required to be used for all innings of each game, to reinforce proper batting techniques. Coaches will work with each player to achieve a successful hit. There is a "no-slide" rule in effect in the T-Ball division. No end of season tournament will be played.

Coaches may schedule a handful of practices before league games start, to get the ball rolling and to educate the players on the fundamentals of T-Ball. Once league games begin, coaches are encouraged to hold one practice a week, to supplement and reinforce skills worked on during games. Parents are encouraged to assist the Coaching staff in the field.

Attendance is required for at least 85% of all games and practices for the benefit of the team and to ensure that all players progress together.

Every attempt will be made to assign players to teams with schoolmates, however as teams fill up players will be assigned to the next team with openings. We will make attempts to place players with at least a couple schoolmates, however our primary purpose is to provide a player with a strong education basis in baseball, not to provide a social experience with schoolmates.